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fashionable dresses 2010

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General tips for choosing a dress right for you in Malaysia

Pear Shaped Body Type:
If you are pear shaped and comfortable with your larger behind then you can choose a dress that is form fitting. If you want to look more balanced then go for full or a-line skirt. A fitted top should look nice. Ball gowns are another option that often look nice on a pear shaped body.

Petite Body Type:
A clean dress without that much fabric looks nice on a petite figure. Showing leg tends to make you look taller. Avoid ball gowns and large or long skirts. Don't have too many large accessories, but do add a pair of Alisha Hill shoes with very high heels. They look great and can add a little height.

Hourglass Body Type:
Corset dresses and two-piece dresses look great on an hourglass figure. That being said, you can't really go wrong. An hourglass figure is well proportioned and nothing needs to be hidden or enhanced to look great. You can feel comfortable wearing just about any dress.

Slender Body Type:
If you want to achieve a more curved look you might choose a dress that draws attention to your bust line. For slim women it is also attractive to show off your thin waist by drawing attention to it with your gown choice. You can do this with an ornament, belt or wrap.

Fuller Bust Body:
Dresses scoop or square necklines enhance bust lines. Widely spaced straps diminish a busty figure. Strapless dresses are another possibility, but could go either way. Remember that support will be an issue and you must make sure your dress is adequate in this area. If you see your bust as your best physical trait then a dress that draws the eye to your bust line is best.

Apple Body Type:
An apple body type is generally described as one with wide torso (full bust, waist and upper back). Apple shaped women often have a top-heavy look. Dresses with an empire waist will help draw attention to your middle. V-necks can make the body look less round. Generally full skirts and maybe try a dress that shows some leg if you like the way your legs look.